A Devon based team, specialising in all aspects of forestry and firewood for sale

Where it all began.

Going back to 2012


Who are Yew woodland services?

Yew woodland services began in 2012 as a family run firewood production and delivery service alongside assisting with the construction on timber framed outdoor educational buildings. During this time, I met ‘Farmer John’ Greenslade of Byway woods, Bickleigh. Yew woodland service were contracted to fell sections of Mr. Greenslades’ woodland that had sadly been affected by the spread of ash die back. At this stage we operated using only our hand cutters and a 4x4 to remove the timber. It was during this period of May 2015 that I purchased my first forestry machine, A Valtra 6400 forestry tractor and forwarding unit complete with roof mounted crane and 11 ton botex trailer making it perfect for woodland with minimal space. This was when Yew woodland service expanded into a machine-based forestry business. From this point we purchased a purpose-built harvester, a Valmet 911 which while it completed many jobs and gave us years of invaluable experience, we found this machine to be too large and job specific for our needs. We made the decision in 2018 to upgrade and downsize the valmet, replacing it with a Hyundai 145 LCR-9 track-based excavator complete with a keto harvesting head- A far smaller machine with higher productivity in smaller sites. 

The team are made up of 3 individuals holds in total well over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Between us, holding full and relevant certification to cover all aspects of out work. Our newest member comes from an  Arboriculture  background and holds all climbing tickets. He has shown a keen interest in gaining his FMOC harvester tickets in due course. 

Woodland Management Forestry contracting low impact forestry
Woodland Management Forestry contracting low impact forestry