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How we produce our firewood.

The process


  • All our logs are cut at least 1 year ahead in preparation for the next years use
  • The wood is then stacked and left to dry.
  • The Logs are then split and stored in  vented store bags, allowing the air to circulate and continue the drying process. Our polytunnel allows the logs to dry further until they are ready for delivery.

Hardwood or Mixed wood?

Its a question that baffles many of our customers, do they require hard wood or a mixture of hard and soft woods. The choice is really down to personal preference and what you'd like to get from your fire.  While it is always advised to burn only dry wood for both safety and ease, there are some differences between the fire given from different woods. 


If you require a log that is long lasting and slow releasing enabling a lasting heat  or to be set in for a period of hours then hard wood is most suited to you.  We find the properties with larger burners or fires prefer hard wood.  Those with thatched properties also favour hard wood due to the reduced risk of chimney fires compared to those using soft wood.

Hard wood/ Softwood mix

The soft wood in this mixture allows for an easy light and a fast, strong heat. Soft wood burns hotter but faster than hardwood therefore if you require an instant heat to last only a few hours of an evening then a mixed load would suit your needs. 

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