A Devon based team, specialising in all aspects of forestry and firewood for sale

What we do

Although we specialize in small scale forestry operations, We don't limit ourselves. Please contact us regarding larger woodlands. We are happy to consider all work suited to our machines capabilities.

Our work includes:

· Thinning

· Clear fell

· Hand felling and winching

· Timber felling and extraction

· Track clearance and creation

· Reinstatement

· Windblown

· Site clear

· Firewood processor contracting 

· Firewood and kindling wholesale

If we havn't listed your specific needs

If we cannot personally help, we may be able to contract people with particular specialisation. 

Our machinery (past and present)

International 276

Firewood production

This was Yew woodland services first ever tractor! We brought it to run the firewood processor but this little gem is worth its weight in gold with how useful it is around the yard. This is by far my favourite machine of all.

Farmi forest masterspilt WP 36

firewood sales and contracting

After splitting logs by axe for 2 winters, we saved up and brought this little back saver. We also contract for others, with hire of the machinery plus operator. Please contact for details.  

Valtra 6400 forestry tractor with roof mounted crane and 11 ton botex trailer

low impact forestry woodland management

This machine was purchased in 2015,  During a big job of removing diseased trees from a woodland, I decided to take Yew woodland services to the next level and commit to forestry by purchasing the valtra 6400.  This tractor is perfect for woodland with limited space.

Hyundai 140 digger (no longer available)

all aspects of forestry works carried out

As useful as the digger was, We found that having a purpose built machine limited the work available to it!  The decision was made to sell the digger.

Valmet 911 harvester (no longer available)

Timber harvesting

This was Yew woodland services first harvester. A fantastic machine that gave us years of valuable experience. Ultimately we realised that due to the machine being a little worn (with ever increasing down time) and on the larger side, we were at a point where we needed to make change. The decision was made to upgrade and also down size. 

Hyundai 145 LCR-9 track based excavator with Keto harvesting head

Timber marketing Forestry works low impact

The cream of the crop! our upgrade. When deciding what we wanted from our next machine we looked back at our past machinery and the positive and negatives of each. After lots of consideration we decided on this multi functional machine. The capabilities of both the purpose built digger and purpose built  harvester in one machine that has the added benefit of being small enough to access smaller areas. 

Just arrived!!

Kindlett 200

Our newest bit of kit of the kindlet 200 kindling processor.  Kindling will be for sale very soon either individually for collection in person, Free Delivery with firewood orders (within delivery area) or delivery across the country by pallet  when purchased wholesale. Minimum bags and delivery charges apply.  See firewood page for details.

Introductory offer, £4.00 per net or 3 for £10.00

Collection from Bow, Devon. Please contact via email to arrange collection.